La Boutique de la Cave a’ Chocolate

Our Chocolates


The Chocolate Cellar has all types of chocolates from simple milk chocolate to extravagantly infused truffles. All made from the highest quality ethically traded ingredients.

Our Ingredients

Our truffles are freshly made by the batch and our dipped fruit is made with seasonal ingredients so our inventory sometimes changes. Please call for availability.

Our Story


The Chocolate Cellar was founded by Laura and Carol, a mother-daughter team focused on the art of crafting fine chocolates. As a student, Carol spent a summer abroad in France and brought home with her a vision. Central is the idea that the enjoyment of chocolate should be an experience involving all the senses. Fine chocolates are not made by adding certain ingredients together in the right proportions. It is art and it is passion. It is a belief in the love of chocolate and the pleasure it can bring to all.