Sale-Traditional Heart


With the Traditional Heart shaped candy box you cant go wrong. The Heart is filled with hand-made truffles of your choice (or we can select a variety that will please). Large holds 18-20 truffles depending upon size (small holds 8-10). Available in Red, Pink, and Brown 

Large $34.99 Small $24.99


Large $29.99 Small $19.99

Boxes of Chocolates!


Gift boxes filled with a selection of hand made truffles.

Available in red and pink.

Small holds 10-15 truffles $20.00

Medium holds 15-20 truffles $30.00

Large holds 20-25 truffles $40.00

Extra Large holds 25-30 truffles $50.00

Local Artist- Painted Boxes


Local North Carolina artist Angela Carden Hilliard  has transformed several Heart shaped candy boxes into beautiful works of art.  

Large holds 18-20 truffles depending upon truffle size (small holds 8-10).  

Available for a limited time only.

 Large $39.99 Small $29.99 

Sale-Pink Gift Set


  This set is filled with all types of deliciousness to satisfy anyone....
The first box in the Set is filled with a selection of truffles customized to individual taste. The second box is a toffee-almond assortment. Box three is filled with coconut macaroons and finally, the top box has dark and white chocolate peanut butter cups. 

Full set $140.00


20% off 

(limited time only)

Sale-Red Gift Set


....available in red as well...


...and this is what inside...

The Chocolate Cellar offers delivery within 20 miles of downtown Sanford. We just need 24 hours notice. Thanks!